Personal Assistance 

If you need help, please review the list of Non Profit Organization partners found on this page. You must register with a NPO partner closest to you. FEEL provides its donations to organisations for distribution in their community. You will get help. Just follow the process.


Step 1

Locate your region’s Non Profit Organisations in the list below, click the respective email, and request application instructions.


Step 2

Meet the application requirements requested by your CSO.

Step 3

Await email approval and follow instructions for assistance.

Arima Arima Church of the Nazarene Arima Church of the Nazarene 667-3394 [email protected]
Arima Galaxy Retirement Living 304-3178 [email protected]
Arima Junior Laptiste and Association [email protected]
Arima Kaieteur Women’s Foundation 706-3595 [email protected]
Arima Living Abiding Word Ministry 703-5144 626-1800 [email protected]
Arima Word Of Life Prayer Community 667-3533 469-0809 [email protected] , [email protected]
Jesus Elam Revival Revival Assemble International
792 3565 [email protected]
Belmont Burrokeets Cultural Foundation 707-8745 473-7887 [email protected], [email protected]
Belmont R.E.A.C.T 680-5429 [email protected]
Besson St. P.O.S Valley Deliverance Temple 778-1891 463-9339 [email protected] , [email protected]
Blachisseuse Blanchisseuse Community Council 3949062 [email protected],[email protected]
Caparo Mission for Christ [email protected]
Carapichaima Blessed Assurance Tabernacle 673-1642 [email protected]
Carapichaima Chase Village SDA Church 322-2480 [email protected] , [email protected]
Carapichaima Salvation Assemble and Outreach Ministry 274-0377 369 1756 [email protected]
Carapichaima Society of St. Vincent de Paul Conference- Carapichaima 673-0471; 492-3444 625-3562 : 222-1315 [email protected]; [email protected]
Carenage My Golden Calling Abuse&Battered Women Ministry 375-7069 486-7683 [email protected]
Caroni Caroni Police Youth Club 281-7671 [email protected],[email protected]
Carslen Field Soon and coming Kings Faith Assembly 356 7045 [email protected]
Chaguanas Heart of a sister family foundation 315 2029 [email protected]
Chaguanas Immanuel Ministries Internatiol 672 8184 [email protected]
Chaguanas LMD Upliftment 680 7479 [email protected]
Chaguanas Petersfield Worship Center 305-1473 [email protected]
Chaguanas Security Releif 6800364 [email protected]
Claxton Bay Claxton Bay Open Bible 367-5151 [email protected]
Claxton Bay Compassionate Hearts Ministries 372-2304 497-1933 [email protected]
Claxton Bay Green Pioneers 659-1914 [email protected]
Comuto Church of the Nazarene, Cumuto 225-2162 [email protected]
Couva Holy Faith convent Couva 636-2544 [email protected]
Pioneer Seventh Day Adventist Church
759-3290 [email protected]
Cunupia Shiva Gana Organization 368 8586 [email protected]
Cunupia The Art of Living Foundation 665-9611 766-0453 [email protected]
Cunupia Art of Living Foundation 665-9611 [email protected]
Curepe Holy Nazarene Spiritual Church 720-9559 237-9235 [email protected]


D’abadie Autistic Society of Trinidad and Tobago 646-5506 309-1809 [email protected], [email protected]
D’abadie Care Helpers Organisation of T&T 709-9033 780-2890 [email protected]
D’abadie The Interconnected Foundation 643-6567 271-2807 [email protected]
Diego Martin Bagatelle Community Out Reach 753-7580 377-7191 [email protected]
Diego Martin Beausejour Community Council 755-1108 [email protected]
Diego Martin RiverEstate Katallasso Ministries 493-5503 279-2751 [email protected]
El Socorro/ San Juan Guyanese Agency for Development Affairs 304 6614 482 5785 [email protected]
Erin Salt of the Earth Ministry 392-7044 369-1756 [email protected]
Eterprise – Chaguanas The SDA Church /Enterprise 338 6116 [email protected] , [email protected]
Freeport Chandler Community base 740-5439 [email protected]
Freeport Emmanuel Spiritual Baptist Church 764-5865 622-6952 [email protected]
Freeport My Neighbours 288 0879 689-0401 [email protected]
Gasparillo Sustainable Unemployment Reduction Efforts 780 8363 [email protected]
Gasparillo The Halfway House 2016 652-3651 487-4751 [email protected]
Guaico Sangre Grande Guaico SDA Church 398-0118 [email protected]
Kelly Village Caroni Kairos International Ministries 659-3593 [email protected]
laventille Bridge To Excellence Youth Empowerment 744- 2317 624-4633 [email protected]
La Horquetta Women With A Mission 314-8324 786-6404 [email protected]
La Horquetta Greenvale Park Action Community 493-1256 374-0340 [email protected]
laventille In The Mean Time 478-7413 337-3151 [email protected]
laventille KIND (Kids In of Direction) 626-6333 329-5580 [email protected]; [email protected]
Laventille Loveuntil Foundation 741-9475 [email protected]


Malick 6th Ave Malick Village Council 790-2961 [email protected]
Manzanilla Manzanilla Open Bible Church 390-7254 773-4404 [email protected]
Marabella Health by the Book 762 8617 [email protected]
Marabella Care A lot 776-6027 [email protected]
Marabella San West Women on the Move 796-2067 [email protected]
Maracas Bay Maracas Bay Pentecostal Church 741-8705 372 7374
Moruga St. Vincent Ferrer RC Church 647-9680 [email protected]
Moruga NAYEK 734 3500 752 1342 [email protected]
Morvant Actively Caring Through Sharing (A.C.T.S.) 304-0442 758-2073 [email protected]
Morvant Woods Alley Community Group 353-7444 674-9077 [email protected]
Mount Dor I Am My Brothers Keeper Foundation 728-4067 780-5820 [email protected]
Oropune Gardens Noah’s Ark Family Life Essentials 774-7322 [email protected]
Penal La Costena Christian Church 366-5930 [email protected]
Penal House Of El Roi 344-7287 [email protected]
Penal Penal Rock R.C. School Charity Organisation 647-9680 [email protected]
Penal Solid Foundation Evangelistic Ministries 385-2263 [email protected]
Petit Valley Life Centre- Learning Is For Everyone 223-9736 [email protected]
Petit Valley Jesus Is The Answer Praise Centre 637-5555 [email protected]
Petit Valley SYM Golden Fist Boxing GYM 319-9278 [email protected]
Piarco Church of the Nazarene Piarco 219-4696 388-5432 [email protected]
Point Fortin Garden Jewelz Foundation 758-9759 [email protected]
P.O.S R.E.A.C.H. 625-3282 [email protected] , [email protected]
POS Rebirth House 623-0952 [email protected]
POS Servol 703-7936 342-0893 [email protected]
pos Society of St.Vincent de Paul (Duncan Street )POS 625 3562 [email protected]
POS Syrian Lebanese Women Association 727-8563 760-9735 [email protected]
POS The Rose Foundation 628-2557 271-2807 [email protected]
POS T&T Police Service POS Community Policing unit
[email protected]
Princess Town Friends of Holy Cross 769-9888 [email protected]

Rio Claro New Mount Zion Triune Spiritual Baptiste Ch 330-8764 [email protected]
Sealots Sealots BibleWay 767-7785 309-1809/310-0486 [email protected]
San Fernando Beyond Borders 461-4157 798-7830 [email protected]
San Fernando National Centre For Persons with Disabilittes 652-4880 768-3033 [email protected]
San Fernando OYEA 775-7166 626-3335 [email protected]
San Juan Bethel Pentecostal Church 715-1085 [email protected]
San Juan Habitat for Humanity 674-2031 [email protected]
San Juan Hopeful Generation 360-4087 [email protected]
San Juan Pentecostal Lighthouse Tabaernacle 638 3578 [email protected]
San Juan Prisons Around the World 338-5962 466-9997 [email protected]
SanJuan The Fathers House 675 5554 320 6018 [email protected]
San Juan Willing Hands [email protected]
San Juan Wilma ccs 338 5760 [email protected]
Sangre Grande Sangre Grande Deliverance Ministry 333-0629 [email protected]
Santa Cruz Holy Cross R.C Santa Cruz [email protected]
Santa Cruz Pan Jammers Steel Orchestra 725-3523 746-8231 pan2000rt16[email protected] , [email protected]
Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Church of the Nazarine 222 9314 [email protected]
St Augustine South Caribbean Conference 796 3281 [email protected]
St james Christian Union Church of the W I 756 1432 [email protected]
St james Ebenezer SDA Church 341-9056 678-7106 [email protected]
Success Vlg. Laventille Success Central Community Outreach 678-5292 [email protected]
Tacarigua Mission Road Khandahar Help Service 292-0596 [email protected]
Talparo St Vincent de Paul – Talaparo 643 7334 [email protected]
Tobago Mt Grace Open Bible Standard Church 681-6263 381-2354 [email protected], [email protected]
Toco Main Road, Matura Nature Seekers 668-7337 361-3783
Toco Toco Foundation 494-0470 [email protected], [email protected]
Toco Toco Helping Hands 374 0108 [email protected]
Tunapuna Exodus [email protected]
Tunapuna Keep Helping All Needs (KHAN) 777-8345 [email protected]
Valencia Rachael Edwards Ministry 314-8011 [email protected]
Williamsville Visionary Helpers Foundation 650-1961 [email protected]
Woodbrook Trinidad & Tobago Reading Association 637-3297 349-0528 [email protected]

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